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More or Less this week is proud to announce that it is number one in the world league of numbers programmes. OK, that is a lie. There is not, yet, a world league of numbers programmes. But if prese...nt trends continue, it cannot be long. There has been a proliferation of world rankings in the last 30 years, and not just in sport. Every time you pick up the paper or turn on the news, it seems, we find that Britain is third at this or tenth at that. Comparisons of public services, health, education and of crime, transport or governance are becoming increasingly common. They make big news and, depending where Britain is placed, they can cause political rows or bouts of self congratulation. In Germany recently, an international educational league table caused a national scandal and the reform of maths teaching. So you would want to know that they were telling you something useful. Are they? The Economic and Social Research Council is currently conducting research into international rankings. It is led by Christopher Hood of Oxford University. We delve into some of that work and talk about what the league tables really tell you. Welcome to Ranking World.
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Series: More or less; Series 3
Episode 4
First transmission date: 2006-01-12
Published: 2006
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Producer: Michael Blastland
Presenter: Andrew Dilnot
Contributors: A. W Dilnot; Christopher Hood
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Mathematical statistics; Social sciences--Statistical methods
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