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Interviews for D203 Concorde - Decision making, cassette 3 of 8. Scripts 8, 13, 15, 16 (unavailable)
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Module code and title: D203, Decision making in Britain
Original broadcast channel: BBC Radio 4
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Side 1 Track 1 Richard Wiggs And Georges Hereil
Side 2 Track 2 Georges Hereil, Peter Thorneycroft And Geoffrey Rippon
Contributors: James Barber; Christopher Pollitt
Footage description: Side 1 Richard Wiggs interview - comparision with US groups - the 1971 Congress inquiries into SST - vested interests in UK - pressure groups - the technological membership of STAC - Lundberg's objections ignored - project ignored by governments - the bleak future of Concorde - Georges Hereil interview - his reason for resigning, 1962 - importance European co-operation - inportance continuity - collaboration all countries Europe needed - visualized 2 planes, 1 European, 1 American - aircraft industry as means of technological development - problem solving - relationship between Sud-Aviation and French government - no political interference - 1962 resignation - continuity of decision making essential in aeronautical industry - long range planning - delay in launching Concorde - French public opinion - the future - the cost - the lessons - Side 2 Georges Hereil interview cont. - French atitude to project - the STAC report - GH did not see it - Peter Thorneycroft interview - Need for collaboration on Concorde - approach to USA - to France - putting the project before the Cabinet - the examining committee - lay ministers and technical decisions - the future of Concorde - future collaboration - STAC report and the French - Treasury attitude - Mach 2 or Mach 3 - the 1962 Anglo-French agreement - Ministerial involement - difficulty estimating costs - Geoffrey Rippon interview - Why G.R. supported Concorde - why favoured collaboration France - attitude to USA - conflict between Ministry of Aviation and Treasury - the Treasury approach - inportance firm agreement with France - STAC report - costs - need for project manager - relations Whitehall/industry - Whitehall interference - not prestige project - G.R. period as Minister of Technology, 1970
Production number: AUDA228B
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