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Interviews for D203 Oil - Decision making, cassette 1 of 4. Scripts 23,24
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Module code and title: D203, Decision making in Britain
Original broadcast channel: BBC Radio 3
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Side 1 Track 1 Lord Balogh
Side 2 Track 2 Professor Peter Odel And The Rt. Hon. Peter Walker
Contributor: James Barber
Footage description: Side 1 Lord Balogh interview - The Labour govt. and the oil industry - policy 'naive and amateurish' - North Sea profits forfeited - involement gas companies - PAC report changed policy Side 2 Peter Odell interview - The Yum Kippur War - effects on UK - 1968 london oil policy group - 1970 formation of OPEC - period of easy supply - oil companies success - 1973 changed relationships between govts. and producing countries necessity to re-think economic policy - oil companies as agents - attitude of USA - Europe and Japan disagreed - EEC role - the IEA, its role and achievments - North Sea oil - company interests - conflict between govt. and companies - need for compact with European countries (like CAP) - failure to develop guaranteed markets - UK as producer and consumer - need for expertise in govt., in politicians and civil servants - comparisons with Venezuela - Peter Walker interview
Production number: AUDA233B
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