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BBC Radio 3's The Essay strand explores the origins of Western culture. Greek and Latin voices is for all listeners who want to know more about the literature which underpins Western civilisation. ...Each week, in four lively, accessible and highly illustrated nightly programmes, a combination of scholars, writers and passionate classicists of every persuasion, explore various aspects of the author in question. In this programme Chris Pelling, Professor of Greek at the University of Oxford, focuses on the way in which Plato's great 'mouthpiece', Socrates, is associated with a method of inquiry and a way of life rather than any particular creed or doctrine. What exactly is 'Socratic dialogue' and how central is it to the work of Plato and to our understanding of his philosophy?
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Series: The Essay: Greek and Latin voices
First transmission date: 2008-07-07
Original broadcast channel: BBC Radio 3
Published: 2008
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Producer: Elizabeth Allard
Presenter: Chris Pelling
Contributor: C. B. R Pelling
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Philosophy, Ancient; Plato
Production number: AUDA339B
Available to public: no