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A Radio 4 series in which a panel of experts discuss real-life cases to explore the workings of clinical ethics committees. Joan Bakewell is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the real life of John who needs a life-saving operation, but is refusing it.
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Series: Inside the ethics committee; Series 6
Episode 1
First transmission date: 2010-07-20
Original broadcast channel: BBC Radio 4
Published: 2010
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Duration: 00:41:07
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Producer: Beth Eastwood
Contributors: Joan Bakewell; Deborah Bowman; Gareth Owen; Tom Sensky
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Patient consent.
Subject terms: Medical ethics committees; Mentally ill; Paranoid Disorders; Patient compliance; Patient refusal of treatment
Footage description: Patients have the right to refuse treatment, but John is mentally ill. He believes the operation is an elaborate conspiracy to kill him. Without surgery, John has only a few weeks to live. Is John's refusal valid? Should the surgeon operate without his consent? It might save John's life, but would it be in his best interests? Joan Bakewell is joined by her panel of experts to discuss the complex ethical issues arising from this case.
Production number: AUDA569B
Available to public: no