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The programme is introduced by Derek Corcoran, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University. Its aim is to examine some of the relationships between a person's attitudes and his behaviour b...y looking at the attitudes towards courtship and marriage among young Cypriot living in London. Dr Corcoran introduces Jeanette Murphy, Lecturer in Social Psychology at the North Western Polytechnic, who has spent several years studying the Greek Cypriot community in London. Jeanette Murphy used Kelnan's models of social influence to help explain how the Cypriot community maintains its attitudes and values. This is followed by a film of life in the Cypriot community which illustrates the way its traditions are transmitted to its young people. The young Cypriot experience of living in what may be described as two cultures at the same time exemplifies the problem of attitudinal conflict. Jeanette Murphy then goes on to examine the possibility of cognitive dissonance within young Cypriots, over the issue of courtship and marriage. This dissonance and some ways of resolving it are illustrated in an interview with a young Cypriot couple. There follows a discussion between Jeanette Murphy, Hedy Brown, Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University and Peter Loizos, Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics. Peter Lozio deals with the customs of courtship and marriage in Cyprus. Hedy Brown brings out the psychological implications for the relationship between attitudes and behaviour, and sums up the main points in the programme.
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Module code and title: D100, Understanding society: a foundation course
Item code: D100; 08
First transmission date: 28-02-1971
Published: 1971
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Victor Lockwood
Contributors: Hedy Brown; Derek Corcoran; Peter Lozio; Jeannette Murphy
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cypriots; Immigration
Footage description: Derek Corcoran introduces the unit. Jeanette Murphy takes up the socialisation of the second generation Cypriot child in Britain. She discusses the influence of the family and the Cypriot community on the child. Film shots showing life in the Cypriot community in Britain. A teen-aged Cypriot girl is interviewed. She tells of her activities, both occupational and recreational and how these differ from British girls her own age. The girl's brother is interviewed and gives the Cypriot male's view of courtship. A typical Cypriot -wedding in Britain is shown and discussed. Murphy discusses the effect of the socialisation process on the second generation Cypriot. She examines the attitudes of the Cypriot girl, shown in the film, to her parents and to her British colleagues. Murphy introduces the idea of cognitive dissonance. Film shots of a second generation Cypriot couple in Britain discussing attitudes to courtship and marriage. They tell of the problems which they encountered in trying to bridge the gap between the old Cypriot customs and values and those of Britain which they had taken up. Hedy Brown and Peter Lozio discuss the filmed interview above. Brown discusses the inner conflict arising out of the young couple's actions. Lozio discusses arranged marriage in Cyprus in the past and today. He speculates on the direction the custom may take in the future. Brown sums up in the programme. Corcoran sums up and previews next unit.
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