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In this programme, Arnold Kettle, Professor of Literature, introduces the people and some of the ideas behind the Foundation Course in Humanities. A large proportion of the programme is film made i...n June 1970 at the Open University headquarters in Milton Keynes, when preparation for the course was in full swing. There is some general discussion of the nature of an "integrated" Arts course, together with short introductions to the individual disciplines by the people responsible. The programme also gives some idea of how the Faculty set about planning and preparing the course and there are a couple of sequences from television programmes which the student will see later in the year. The main function of the programme is to introduce the academics (to put faces to names, as it were) so it is really only of interest to students following the whole course.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
Item code: A100; 01
First transmission date: 13-01-1971
Published: 1971
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Duration: 00:24:27
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Producer: Peter Scroggs
Contributors: Tim Benton; Norman Cook; Arnold Kettle; Catherine King; Arthur Marwick; Michael Smee; Brian Stone; Cicily Underwood
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Arts faculty; Open University
Footage description: Introduction by A. Kettle. How does the Open University work? What are the problems involved? A general discussion. Dean of Faculty J. Ferguson gives his definition of "humanities" He discusses the people who make up the humanities course teams. Arnold Kettle, Arthur Marwick, and G. Martin discuss the integration of disciplines approach to a course in the humanities. Tim Benton and C. Harvie discuss the relationships of their respective disciplines (shot of church in OU grounds). View of course team meeting at which subject integration is discussed. "What is philosophy"? This question is discussed by G. Vesey. He touches on Descartes' philosophy of existence. Shot of Vesey disapearing, then returning to view. M.M. Ross and Susan Wilson look at, and discuss a diagram from 'Introduction to logic". They discuss how a study of logic is applied to a humanities course. D. Rowntree discusses correspondence materials. (Shot of students in background). Students discuss Hamlet with Brian Stone then with Cicily Underwood, Shakespeare's Language. Shot of hands playing harpsichord, L.P. record being prepared for a course unit. G. Hendrie playing; He and D. Barsham discuss music. Impact of television teaching in higher education discussed. - Shot of course team listening to playback of a radio tape. Catherine King discusses television as an aid in teaching art. Pieces of 17th century sculpture shown. Aaron Scharf discusses the distribution and consumption or art. Shots of film unit at site of excavation of Roman baths in London. Norman Cook and Arthur Marwick at site discuss the excavation. G. Martin in front of birthplace of D. H. Lawrence. Shot of the house and the street around the corner - a long row of early- Victorian terrace houses.
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