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The idea behind the unit and the television programme is to introduce students to a valid non-Western culture before they concentrate on Western civilisation which is the focus of the whole course.... The television programme is introduced by John Ferguson, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, who spent a number of years teaching in Nigeria. The programme begins with the examination of sone fourteenth century sculpture fron the area now occupied by the Yoruba tribe. There then follows some film nade among the Yoruba which briefly covers their way of life and work their crafts of pottery, weaving and dyeing and their religious ceremonies. The progranne ends with a discussion between Professor Ferguson, Dr. Beth McClelland (who made the film) and Dr. Kole Abayoni, a Yoruba lawyer. They discuss further the relevance of traditional Yoruba life and ritual in the light of current Westernisation. The progranne closely parallels the correspondence unit but is also self-contained. Some of the sequences in the film on Yoruba ritual are unique and could be invaluable to students of African anthropology.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
Item code: A100; 02
First transmission date: 20-01-1971
Published: 1971
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Duration: 00:24:50
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Producer: Richard Callanan
Contributors: Kole Abayomi; John Ferguson; Beth McClelland
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Anthropology; Nigeria; Yoruba
Footage description: Yoruba art discussed by Prof. Ferguson. Various 14th century brass and terracotta heads shown. Film on the life of the present day Yoru-ba. (narrated and shot by Beth McClelland). Every day Yoruba activities shown; women cooking, the market place. Production of Yoruba pottery shown. Textile manufacture shown - weaving and decoration of textiles. Yoruba religion explained and various of its rituals shown. End of film. Prof. Ferguson, Dr McClelland, and Dr. Abayomi discuss the film with particular emphasis on Yoruba religion. This topic is covered in a cross-cultural context. Several pieces of yoruba religious paraphenalia examined and discussed. Discussion of Yoruba culture in a cross-cultural context continues.
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