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Introduction by Arthur Marwick. News film shots of several crises/conflicts throughout the world. Cyprus; Vietnam; Austrian Tyrol; Chicago race riots; Ulster. Marwick gives a history of Cyprus from... ancient times to present day. He lists several historical influences that shape the Cyprus of today. Marwick gives a brief history of the Austrian Tyrol and the influences that shaped it. Marwick with an example of social history. The status of women in several parts of the world is discussed. Short film taken from a train window as it leaves London. An aspect of the history of a city can be seen this way. Short sequence from the film "Quo Vadis" showing chariot race and gladiators in combat. Marwick with the help of an animated map gives an outline of world history from the rise of the early river valley civilizations (Nile, Indus, Tigris - Euphrates) to the present day. Emphasis is on the history of Western Europe. Marwick gives an example of the history of an institution. Short film of a Sgt. Major of the Irish Guards Regiment giving a talk to a group of new recruits. A short film followed by a talk by Marwick on the history of the British in India. Shot of Neville Chamberlain making appeasement speech and John Foster Dulles making a foreign policy speech Marwick sums up the course unit.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
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First transmission date: 10-02-1971
Published: 1971
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Producer: Peter Scroggs
Contributor: Arthur Marwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Appeasement; Austrian Tyrol; Cyprus; History; Irish guards regiment
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