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In this programme Professor Arthur Marwick questions Dr. Kenneth Morgan of The Queen's College, Oxford, about the research that went into the writing of the latter's book "Wales in British Pol...itics 1868-1922". Like many learned monographs, Dr. Morgan's book began its life as a D. Phil, thesis and we visit with him sone of the libraries and archive collections in which he studied both primary and sscondary sources. In the Jiritish Huseun, we see the vast collection of books and pamphlets available to the researcher in the Reading Room and then, in the manuscript collection, examine some of Gladstone's letters dealing with the appointment of Welsh bishops. Moving to the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, Dr. Morgan shows us the boxes of letters to and from Welsh politicians through which he ploughed. A letter from Asquith dated 1895 reveals some of the suspicion with which many in The Liberal party regarded the activities of Lloyd George. Finally at the home of the late Sir Kerbet Lewis in North Wales, the diaries which he kept throughout his many years as an M.P. provide further evidence of the dissension in the Liberal party caused by the topics of Welsh Home Rule and the disestablishment of the Welsh Church.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
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First transmission date: 24-02-1971
Published: 1971
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Producer: Peter Scroggs
Contributors: Arthur Marwick; Kenneth Morgan
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): British Museum.; History; Lewis papers.; Manuscripts.; National Library of Wales.; Secondary sources.
Footage description: Arthur Marwick introduces the programme which is to be a study into the writing of a scholarly work of historical research i.e. 'Wales in British politics, 1868 - 1922' by Kenneth Morgan. A. Marwick introduces the author of the book, Kenneth Morgan. Generalities are discussed, e.g. how long the book -was in the making etc. K. Morgan shows specimens of the secondary or background material used in historical research. Sequence shot in the B.M. reading room. Extensive shots of reading room and of stacks. In the B.M. manuscript room K. Morgan shows examples of primary and secondary manuscript material on to which he moved in the course of study for his book. K. Morgan, in the National Library of Wales, shows examples of other manuscript material which he used. He indicates the critical use which can be made of such material. K. Morgan shows examples of contemporary newspaper (i.e. 19th century) and indicates their importance in research. He goes on to show unorganised materials, i.e. the Lewis papers at Plas Penucha, Flintshire. A. Marwick and K. Morgan discuss the problems of writing and preparation of scholarly books and the continuing nature of historical research.
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