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Professor John Ferguson introduces the programme which consists of scenes from Aristophane's ribald satire on Socrates and his followers. Though essentially caricature, the play is important eviden...ce as a contemporary view of Socrates. The production draws on historical sources such as painted vases and representations of masks in order to reconstruct third century BC comedy. Care has been taken to base costumes, masks and phaloi design on original Greek material. The programme is suitable for use in connection with classical studies and forms an interesting part of any study of Socrates, Greek drama and Athenian history for those not likely to be upset by a frank rendering of third century BC Athenian comedy.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
Item code: A100; 18
First transmission date: 19-05-1971
Published: 1971
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Duration: 00:22:36
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributors: Denis Carey; John Ferguson; Ian Graham; Edward Kalinski; Nicholas Leahy; Michael Mayne; Juan Moreno; John Parker
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ancient Greece; Aristophanes; Philosophy
Footage description: J. Ferguson introduces the unit with a short background talk on Aristophanes comedy, 'The Clouds'. Adaption of Aristophanes comedy The Clouds.
Master spool number: 6LT/70086
Production number: 00520_1317
Videofinder number: 2428
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