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This first programme on "Hamlet" takes just two scenes from the play and shows how academic interpretation can take on dramatic life in actual performance. The first scene is the meeting ...of Hamlet and Ophelia in Act II scene i ("Get thee to a nunnery.") and is introduced by Cicely Havely, Lecturer in Literature. The scene is played in two contrasting ways, hinging on how one interprets the relationship between the two lovers. The second scene, introduced by Brian Stone, Reader in Literature, is the "closet" scene between Hamlet and his mother in Act III scene iv. The interpretation here endeavours to explore Hamlet's attitude to his mother and, in the light of this, his resolve to carry out his dead father's command. The interpretations in this programme are also dealt with in the correspondence unit but the programme is freestanding and would be valuable to anyone studying the play. The part of Hamlet is played by Tom Chadbon, who has been a member of the Royal Court Theatre, London, Gertrude is played by Elizabeth Spriggs, a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, who played the same role in Peter Hall's production at Stratford-on-Avon with David Warner. Diana Quick plays the part of Ophelia.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
Item code: A100; 23
First transmission date: 04-07-1971
Published: 1971
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Producer: Richard Callanan
Contributors: Reginald Barratt; Tom Chadbon; Cicely Palser Havely; Diana Quick; Elizabeth Spriggs; Brian Stone
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Hamlet; Shakespeare
Footage description: Cicely Havely introduces the nunnery scene from Hamlet and indicates the importance of a critical attitude to the play as a whole on the part of the director and producer. First interpretation of scene. Cicely Havely reviews its meaning and introduces the second interpretation. Second interpretation of nunnery scene, incorporating the preceding soliloquy (To be or not to be) omitted from the first version and Ophelia's soliloquy following departure of Hamlet. Brian Stone introduces the closet scene. Closet scene.
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Production number: 00520_1323
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