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Examines the geometry and manufacturing sequence for two transistors made by the planar process.
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Module code and title: TS282, Electromagnetics and electronics
Item code: TS282; 08
First transmission date: 22-04-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:26
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributors: Gary Alexander; Peter Chapman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Base; Collector; Electrical characteristics; Emitter; Field-effect transistor; Geometry; NPN silicon junction transistor; Performance; Planar process; Transistor manufacture
Footage description: John Sparkes introduces the programme. He shows a model of a transistor, showing its internal structure. He outlines with diagrams the structure of the junction transistor and the field effect transistor, when made by the planar process which is studied in the programme. Bill Holt of Plessey Ltd. explains that the planar process works by diffusion and uses a model to illustrate this. Sparkes reinforces with a diagram. Holt uses a three dimensional model to show the geometry of the active areas of an n-p-n junction transistor. Sparkes moves on to explain the difficulty of making connections in integrated circuits and shows a silicon chip containing many completed circuits ready to be separated. Holt demonstrates the structure of an integrated circuit n-p-n junction transistor. Sparkes shows a diagram of a p-n-p junction transistor. He explains the features of a transistor which control its frequency performance. He then discusses current carrying capacity. Holt shows a series of masks as used in actual manufacturing process to show how the correct geometry is built up. Sparkes moves on to consider the structure of the insulated gate field effect transistor. Holt demonstrates on the model. Finally, Sparkes outlines how other devices can be made by similar processes in integrated circuits: resistors, diodes and capacitors. Credits.
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