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This programme provides a fascinating exercise for 1st year organic chemistry students who know something about the reactions of alkanes, alkenes, alkyl halides, alcohols, and aninea. In the progra...mme bhe student is asked to record some fifty observations from a series of experiments on eight unknown compounds and after the programme, to analyse his results. Although many of the observations in themselves may seem trivial, the interpretation of them is by no means easy. The student is asked to select those observations that will give him unambiguous clues as tc the natuxe of the compounds. He's warned that some of his observations will not be of any help while others might give positively misleading information unless he knows exactly how to assess it. In the pre-broadcast notes the student is provided with a table on which to record his observations and he is advised how to record them as briefly and accurately as possible. In the post-broadcast notes the student is provided with guide lines on how to explain his observations, should he run into difficulty. These guide linos g,ive the student : the chemistry of the reagents; our observations and the solution in terms of : the significant reactions, the structure of the compounds; a complete explanation of the results.
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Item code: S24-; 04
First transmission date: 26-02-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributor: Len Haynes
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Alcohols; Alkane/alkene reactions; Alkyl halides; Amines; Experiment; Interpretation; Observations
Footage description: In this programme Prof. Haynes carries out a series of experiments. Students are asked to record their observations and make deductions. Programme begins. Len Haynes introduces the programme. He tells students how to make their observations and deductions. Haynes reacts sodium with 3 isomeric alcohols in a test tube. This is a dummy run and Haynes gives observations and deductions. Haynes with five unknown chemicals in test tubes. He reacts each with water. Haynes next reacts the five unknown chemicals (after reflux) with dilute sodium hydroxide. The observations are made after heating the tubes for one hour. Haynes adds nitric acid, then silver nitrate to the above reaction mixtures. Haynes refluxes the above with dilute sulphuric acid. Haynes adds water to tube A only. He then adds silver nitrate to all five tubes. Haynes adds a little concentrated sulphuric acid to all five tubes. Haynes next reacts each of the tubes with sodium. Haynes with 3 test tubes containing bromine water. He adds a little from one of the unknowns above to the centre test tube. The outer tubes act as controls. Haynes adds phosphorous pentachloride to each of the five unknown tubes. The test tubes are shown again after standing for one hour. Haynes sums up.
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