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This programme discusses the reasons for the existence of areas of immigrant housing in British cities. It deals firstly with the constraints which bear on non-white people finding housing and seco...ndly how far these can lead to the formation of so-called 'ghetto' areas. The programme examines these constraints through the views of three specialists in the field: Elizabeth Burney, Planning Correspondent of The Economist, Nicholas Deakin, a Lecturer at the University of Sussex who specialises in Race Relations and Dr Thorn Blair, Head of the Planning Department at the Central Polytechnic. Elizabeth Burney outlines the constraints on any family looking for a home; Nicholas Deakin goes on to discuss how far one can realistically talk of 'ghettoes' in the UK and concludes that a reduction of constraints on the housing market will contribute to a solution of the problems of segregation in the inner city. Dr Blair also sees the solution to these problems in terms of a concerted attack on the general problems of the central city.
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Module code and title: D281, New trends in geography
Item code: D281; 06
First transmission date: 18-06-1972
Published: 1972
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: Philip Sarre; Elizabeth Burney; Nocholas Deakin; Tom Blair
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Geography; Immigrants; Housing; Ghettoes
Footage description: Philip Sarre introduces the programme and outlines the form it will take and its purpose. Film containing vox-pop declarations and opinions on the reasons why coloured immigrants live in closely defined areas of the British Isles. The first few speakers are teenage schoolboys (possibly of the sixth form), school unidentified. Immigrants are interviewed as well as white natives. Philip Sarre introduces the panel of experts who are to discuss and speak briefly on the question of immigrant housing. Elizabeth Burney is the first to speak. She describes the factors which particularly effect housing and the immigrant. She resumes the problems that face immigrants in their search for accommodation. Philip Sarre now turns to Nicolas Deakin who is to look at the problem in a wider context. Deakin discusses and questions the descriptions of areas of immigrant population in the U.K. as little Harlems. Accepting that there are areas where immigrant population is numerous, he goes on to discuss the possibility of dispersal programmes. He discusses the pros and cons of such a programme. Tom Blair is now asked by Sarre to point out some of the planning implications of what the two previous speakers have said. This he does, stressing the need to attack the problems raised by the crisis of congestion in our cities, and for reform to local authority procedures in the matter of housing. Philip Sarre sums up what has been said by the three speakers. Credits.
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