Kant's aim to prove the world as an object of our knowledge is necessarily subject to the rule of causal law.
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Module code and title: A202, The age of revolutions
Item code: A202; 08
First transmission date: 1972
Published: 1972
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Producer: Richard Callanan
Contributors: Richard Rowson; Godfrey Norman Agmondisham Vesey
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Causality; Kant; Philosophy
Footage description: Godfrey Vesey introduces the programme. He outlines Kant's aims to prove that the world, as an object of our knowledge, is necessarily subject to the rule of causal law. The examples of subjective and objective successions of appearances are given, the house and the egg falling. Godfrey Vesey introduces his own balloon experiment as a demonstration of Kant's indirect proof. For the experiment a balloon is fastened against a wall, a patterned wall. Richard Rowson describes the first appearance and the first reality. Balloon not inflated Richard Rowson describes the second set of appearances, and the second reality, that the balloon is inflated. Richard Rowson explains the reasons for his judgments. Richard Rowson describes appearances of the balloon against a blank wall. Using himself as a size constant to compare the size of the balloon with, Godfrey Vesey asks Richard Rowson to describe a fourth set of appearances and a fourth reality. A split screen is used. Godfrey Vesey sums up the findings and the conclusions of the experiments with the balloon; Godfrey Vesey extends the conclusions of the experiments to indicate the normal, i.e. general, connection between causality and objectivity. Godfrey Vesey defined Kant's principle of causality. He poses the question: 'What is the significance of Kants's reference to time in his statement of the principle of causality?' The question is posed of Professor Walsh. A discussion of the question follows.
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