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This programme comprises a biography of Loyola and a commentary on the Jesuit movement.
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Module code and title: A201, Renaissance and Reformation
Item code: A201; 14
First transmission date: 29-07-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:21:49
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Producer: Richard Callanan
Contributors: Francis Clark; J I Packer
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Catholicism; Jesuits; Loyola; Religion
Footage description: Ignatius Loyola - death mask, three views. Portrait of Loyola reading, and taking oath before Pope Paul III - Animated diagram showing growth of Jesuit movement. Map of Europe showing growth of centres and influence, (map is animated). Francis Clark describes the growth of the Jesuit movement and the nature of the early Jesuits. Animated maps of Spain and Italy show the growth of the movement in these two countries. Portrait of Francis Borgia. Francis Clark adds commentary. Map of Europe showing establisment of Jesuit centres in Southern Germany. Portrait of Peter Canisius. Francis Clark adds commentary and outlines the growth of the movement in Europe as a whole. Francis Clark outlines the main fields of activity of Jesuits. Portraits of St. Francis Xavier, Jaimes Lainez, Alphonsus Aalmeron and engraving of the Council of Trent. Loyola's life up to his conversion and establishment at Manresa. Commentary acts as link for a series of illustrations showing Loyola's life and executed some 50 years after his death. Shots also of basque countryside, Loyola Castle (exterior and later, interior) and of Pamphona city walls. The series of illustrations to Loyola's life continues up to his ordination and arrival in Rome. Linking commentary. Shots of engravings of Jerusalem and of Paris and its university. Photograph of Loyola's Master's degree. Francis Clark describes Loyola's subsequent career as General of the Jesuits. Portraits of Loyola. Francis Clark summarizes the intention and the nature of Loyola's 'Spiritual Exercises'. James Packer, introduced by Francis Clark, compares Loyola and Calvin as men and reformers. Francis Clark sums up. He describes the currents for reform and the mood of the society contemporary with Loyola and links the Jesuit movement to this current of reform and to the mood of Europe at that time.
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