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This programme examines the Robert Macaire series by Daumier and Philipon is closely examined and interpreted in the light of their contemporary political conditions.
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Module code and title: A202, The age of revolutions
Item code: A202; 15
First transmission date: 02-02-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:22:13
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Producer: Mary Hoskins
Contributor: Aaron Scharf
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Art; Cartoons; Daumier
Footage description: Aaron Scharf introduces the programme. He describes two other characters used by Daumier for satirical comment, Ratapoil and Joseph Prudhomne. Illustrations by Daumier are shown. Portrait photograph of Napoleon III. Aaron Scharf describes the origins of the character Robert Macaire. Aaron Scharf describes what Daumier satirised through Macaire. The character's links with Louis-Philippe are indicated. Several prints of the Macaire series are shown; the caption of the first lithograph of the series is read over the print. Aaron Scharf, over an animated film made up of the various roles of Macaire in Daumier's cartoons, describes Macaire in greater detail. The caption over the plate of Macaire as stockbroker is read over the illustration. Scharf indicates the ways in which Daumier and Philipon used the characters of Macaire and Bertrand for satire. Aaron Scharf links -the previous Macaire as stockbroker cartoon with historical cases of speculation such as the Ourrand case. Macaire as philanthropist and caption are shown. The caption being read out. Aaron Scharf shows the cartoon of Macaire as public notary and analyses the caption as a means of demonstrating one of Philipon and Daumier's methods of pointing up the satirical intention. Macaire as barrister is shown, the caption is read. Macaire as a Bible salesman, again the caption is read over. Macaire as the founder of a new religion, caption read over. Aaron Scharf links the cartoon to a historical parallel. Aaron Scharf discusses the appropriateness of Macaire to the age. The words of Louis Blanc are read over drawing by Dammier in support of Scharf's thesis. Two cartoons of Macaire as loser, on trial, as a solicitor, are shown. Aaron Scharf describes their points. Cartoon of Macaire addressing Daiimier (philipon is shown, caption being read over. Scharf describes the point of the cartoon. Aaron Scharf analyses the reasons for the success of Philipon and Daumier's successful collaboration. Details of Damraier's lithographs are shown. Print 1O1 of the Robert Macaire series is shown. Aaron Scharf sums up the programme by quoting from James Rousseau's 'Physiologie de Robert Macaire'.
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