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This programme looks at the Norwich City Council plan to save the city's centre from destruction through motorisation. The film presents the plan, the theory behind it, the effects on the environme...nt, and the implications for buses and car parking. As a result of seeing this film, students could expect to understand and participate in any local town and traffic planning debate. The style of the programme does not use movie film, but makes fiill use of graphic techniques, drawings, photographs and animated diagrams.
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Module code and title: T100, The man-made world: a foundation course
Item code: T100; 30
First transmission date: 13-08-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:45
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Producer: Ronald Jackson
Contributors: Michael Collins; Alfred Wood
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Car parks; Consequences; Environmental aspects; Journey graph; Motor transport; Public transport; Traffic plan
Footage description: Several shots of historic and present day Norwich. The commentary deals with some environmental impacts of motor transport. Aerial shot of present day Norwich. Shot of an animated map of Norwich shows buildings of historic interest. Aerial shot of Norwich. Shots of heavy traffic in Norwich. Commentary discusses the possible consequences of very heavy motor traffic in a city.Shots of an American city illustrate the death of the inner city and move to the suburbs due to the motor car. Aerial shots of motorways in an American city. The possible consequences for Norwich if the city is to remain accessable to the motorist are explained. Organisations in the local authority responsible for road building and town planning shown on a chart. In Norwich the posts of Borough Planner and that of Traffic Engineer were combined. A. Wood Norwich's first planning and Traffic Engineer explains his approach to his job in Norwich. Still shots of A. Wood and buildings in Norwich accompany the commentary. The Norwich Draft Urban Plan is discussed. An animated map shows the changes which will be made under the plan. Shots of London traffic. Map of Norwich showing types of land use. (This sequence deals with traffic modelling). Shots of Boulton & Paul factory. Commentary classifies movements into and out of the factory; Workers, raw materials, finished products, etc.) Shots of Norwich working class residential area. Shots of middle class residential area in Norwich. Shots of a Norwich school and school traffic. Shots of Norwich shops and shoppers. A graph shows journeys made by Norwich population for various purposes at set times throughout the day. Shot of map showing sampling points of the 1967 Norwich Traffic survey. The map then shows the direction of daily traffic in Norwich. The commentary explains how the planner determines the effects of a traffic plan such as that of closing the centre of Norwich to traffic. Michael Collings, Norwich Engineer, discusses some problems involved in traffic forecasting. Shots of supermarkets (inside and out) accompany his discussion as examples of changing shopping patterns which must be considered when devising a traffic plan. Experiment banning trafficfrom Norwich's London Street is examined. Several shots of London Street before and after closure to motor traffic. A. Wood discusses some of the problems he encountered in gaining acceptance for his plan. Several shots of Norwich traffic. Results of the London Street experimental traffic scheme discussed. Reaction to the scheme by various organisations such as the A.A and B.R.S. examined. More shots of London Street before and after the scheme. The implications for motor traffic when the scheme becomes operational for the whole of Norwich are discussed. Animated cartoons illustrate the commentary for the following: Effect of car parks on traffic examined; Effect of buses on traffic examined. Public relations effort to put the scheme over to the people of Norwich discussed. Several accompanying shots of a of Norwich as it will look after redevelopment. The redevelopment of Arlington, a residential area of Norwich, along the lines of the master plan for the city centre, is discussed. Several shots of the Arlington area. William Burns (Public Relations Officer) tells of his problems in gaining acceptance for the scheme from residents. Shots of pub and shop in Arlington. Proprietors give their reaction to the scheme. Programme summed up.
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