This programme is about the design development of the small wheeled Moulton bicycle. The week's course unit is about structures (mechanics) and microstructures (materials), and one of the aims of t...he television programme is to show how the same materials can be used in different ways (e.g. high pressure rubber tyres and soft rubber suspension) to solve the mechanical problem of a bicycle in terms of utility and comfort. The programme was filmed in the small museum which Alex Moulton has set up to display all the early prototypes of the small wheeled bicycle as well as some extremely non-standard high performance machines. He uses some of these early models to explain the development of his ideas as to the shape and mechanics which led to the definitive form of the bicycle which he introduced at the Bicycle show in November 1962. The student viewer should view the programme critically. Alternative approaches and solutions to problems discussed by Alex Moulton certainly exist and the course unit should be used to find them.
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Module code and title: T100, The man-made world: a foundation course
Item code: T100; 09
First transmission date: 12/03/1972
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributor: Alexander Moulton
Keyword(s): Bicycle show; High pressure rubber tyres; Microstructures; Moulton bicycle; Museum; Prototypes; Soft rubber suspension; Structures
Footage description: Commentary gives a short history of the bicycle. Shots of various old bicycles. (See script for names) The history ends with the introduction of the Moulton bicycle. Shots of Alex Moulton riding one of his bicycles. Shots of Moulton in his bicycle museum. (He remains in the museum for the duration of the programme). Moulton discusses the development of the basic shape of his bicycle. He points to several of his bicycles at various stages of development in the museum. In his discussion, Moulton deals mainly with the steering and suspension problems which arose. Moulton with his finished bicycle as it was shown at the 1962 Bicycle Show. He points out refinements which were made in the design, again concentrating on steering and suspension.
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