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This film describes the work of a dental health education project in the Dundee primary schools directed by Dr Terence Lee, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Dundee. The film is in...troduced by John Bynner, lecturer in educational studies at the Open University. Also taking part is Norman Walker, Chief Dental Officer for Dundee. The aim of the dental health project was to measure the extent to which children's attitudes to teeth cleaning were modified by two different strategies - first of all the provision of a dental health pack to each child on entering school, secondly the provision of the pack plus dental health education. The film focuses on the methodology of the research used to compare a control group of fifteen schools where no strategy was used, with two other groups of fifteen schools each using one of the two strategies. In the film Dr Terence Lee describes the basic research methods used. MrW^alker describes the role of the dental examinations in the research which provides 'objective' evidence of attitude change. Extracts from researcher interviews with both schoolchildren and parents are included in the film, and also a dental health education class is seen in progress. The function of the film is to demonstrate the use of survey techniques to evaluate an educational attempt to modify children's attitudes and to identify some of the ways in which family background influences children's attitudes to dental hygiene. The actual results of the project are not important to the main objective of the film and were not in fact published until long after the film was completed.
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Module code and title: E281, Personality growth and learning
Item code: E281; 07
Recording date: 05-1971
First transmission date: 08-07-1972
Published: 1972
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: John Bynner; Terence Lee; Norman Walker
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Dental health education project; Dundee primary schools; Research methods; Teeth-cleaning
Footage description: John Bynner introduces the programme, which examines the effectiveness of a particular education strategy in influences children's attitudes. Research was carried out in the field of dental health education given to children in Dundee. Shots of child at dentist. Dr. Terence Lee, the psychologist who designed the research explains how the project is both a survey and an experiment. Norman Walker, chief Dental Officer of Dundee, explains that 60% of five year old children are in need of treatment, and that the issue of a dental care pack to all children is Scotland's effort to solve the problem. Shots of dental surgeries. The dental pack is demonstrated to a class. Terence Lee shows the methodology of the experiment using a chart to show the stages for the experimental and the control groups. Interviewer at school questions a child on dental practices at home. John Bynner comments, voice-over. Two further interviews, showing the problem of sensitisation to survey quest ions where children have been interviewed more than once. Lee comments on the particular difficulties of using interviews as a survey technique with very young children. Two mothers are interviewed about home conditions and attitudes to dental health, one in a tenement block, the other in a more modern block of flats. Shots of the two areas. Bynner sums up.
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