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This is the first of a package of three programmes in which an innovation, a school system in a small town going comprehensive, is examined through meetings held between the Headmaster and senior m...embers of hie staff. The meetings are simulation exercises and those playing the various roles are, or have been, teachers who have had the experience of being involved in a changeover to a comprehensive system. Extensive notes covering background information, documents and activities relevant to all these three programmes are also available. The first programme introduces the imaginary town of Hoyledale in the County of Larkshire. The Headmaster of the Boys' Grammar School has been appointed Head of the new comprehensive school which will open in September. This new school groups together the existing Boys' Grammar School, the Girls" High School and the local Secondary Modern School. The meeting called by the Headmaster, an informal one over sherry, is taking place at the beginning of the Easter break preceding the opening of the comprehensive school. Robert Bell, Lecturer in Educational Studies at the Open University, who devised the simulation, plays the role of the Headmaster, John Pragg. The main problems discussed at this first meeting are the new Sixth Form Centre, the introduction of integrated studies, streaming and the examination system.
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Module code and title: E283, "The curriculum: context, design and development"
Item code: E283; 06
First transmission date: 24-06-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:08
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: Frank Barrett; Bob Bell; Helen Fairfield; Martin Lawn; Grace Morris; John Pragg; Bill Prescott; Ken Rudge; John Standing; Peter Werring
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Comprehensive changeover; Examinations system; Fictional school; Innovation; Integrated studies; School system; Simulation; Streaming
Footage description: Bob Bell introduces the programme, the first of three simulations involving problems in creating a new comprehensive school from two grammar and one secondary modern school. Introductory shots show parts of the town of 'Hoyledale' (actually part of London Borough of Brent was used for filming). Bill Prescott, voice over, introduces various teachers who will be involved in the change over: shots of them at work, in their existing schools. Shots of local middle class housing areas. Bob Bell, playing 'John Pragg', headmaster of the new comprehensive, talks to Graham Arch, in charge of the new sixth form centre, about academic standards. Bill Prescott gives the background of the town, which is expanding with the coming of more light industry. Shots of shop and factory. He introduces more teachers; shots of the schools, and teachers gathering for a staff meeting on the first day of the Easter holidays. Sherry is distributed and the meeting begins. First point discussed is the problem of remote locations with the sixth form centre and science laboratories in different buildings. 'Graham Arch' discusses the sixth form centre and expresses disquiet at the inroads work on the integrated humanities curriculum may have on examination work. 'Mrs. Jenkins' discusses language work. 'Mr. Ide' discusses laboratory provision and 'Mr. Arch' and 'Mr. Strong' return to the humanities problem. Headmaster raises the question of streaming. 'Jim Briggs' (Maths) and 'Gerry Dixon' (deputy head) begin the argument, which becomes heated as others join in. Exanination needs are seen to conflict with multiple ability grouping ideals. This leads to consideration of GCE 'O' levels versus CSE. Briggs, Strong and Dixon contribute to the discussion. Headmaster closes the discussion. Credits over classroom shots.
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