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In the second programme the Headmaster meets his senior staff half way through the first term at the new Hoyledale Comprehensive school. The staff meeting takes place in the week before the half-te...rm break. The Headmaster and staff of Hoyledale Comprehensive have already had to make some concessions to their original plans due to administration and logistic constraints and because of the lack of all the trained staff required. The programme joins the meeting after it has started. The points of the agenda that are discussed here are : The operation of the Resources Centre; Setting in year 1; The problems of extra duties for teachers & The operation of integrated courses.
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Module code and title: E283, "The curriculum: context, design and development"
Item code: E283; 07
First transmission date: 29-07-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:23:59
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: Frank Barrett; Bob Bell; Bill Prescott
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Comprehensive changeover; Extra duties; Fictional school; Grace Morris; Helen Fairfield; Innovation; Integrated courses; John Standing; Ken Rudge; Martin Lawn; Operation of resources centre; Peter Werring; School system; Setting in Year 1
Footage description: Titles over still shots of school scenes. A brief voice-over introduction (Bill Prescott?) points out that this is a simulation progranme and all teachers are role playing. Programme then opens with the second staff meeting of the autumn term at the new Hoyledale comprehensive. Mr. Pragg and Mr. Strong are discussing relations with the education Committee. The discussion turns to streaming: Graham Arch and Gerry Dixon are not happy with the apparent extension beyond what was originally agreed. On the question of extra staff duties, Mr. Ide pleads for more explanation to lower grade teachers on the thinking behind them. Working of the resource centre is discussed. A period of six weeks notice of requirements is considered too long by Mr. Arch. Mr. Briggs suggests that not enough equipment is available anyway and pressure should be put on the authorities if they want new courses to be taught. Mrs. Jenkins raises the question of lost books and suggests some children do it deliberately to waste time. Dixon disagrees. Supervision of children travelling between the resource centre and the sixth form centre is considered and leads to an exchange between Arch and Ide on the need for teaching children punctuality. Dixon stresses the need for staff to walk with children rather than riding. Transfer of laboratories and equipment to the sixth form centre is seen as the only ultimate solution. Headmaster is called out of room. With the head out of the room, animated discussion breaks out on the question of extra duties. Dixon sympathises with the comment that the head does not consult the staff enough. Pragg returns to the room. He is annoyed that the discussion has reverted to a previous topic and refuses further consideration at this meeting. Discussion moves to question of integrated courses. Arch pleads for their suppression as more than the predicted time is being taken up. Briggs supports this but Strong is adamant that the time is valuably spent. Final part of the meeting covers general studies in the first year. Strong raises two problems: teachers unfamiliar with the subject material, and their inability to cope with mixed ability groups. Ide suggests that team teaching is a solution. Dixon criticises junior staff for lack of flexibility. The discussion is faded out. Credits over stills of school scenes.
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