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The third programme takes place at the beginning of the third term at the Hoyledale Comprehensive School. The Headmaster has reported back to the Heads of Departments about various decisions taken... at a Governors' meeting. The discussion gets quite heated as those present feel that they have not been given adequate opportunity to express opinions on important curriculum issues. The evaluation and training course for teachers who are concerned with the first year common course is considered and the proposed adoption of the Schools' Council Humanities Project is discussed in sone detail.
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Module code and title: E283, "The curriculum: context, design and development"
Item code: E283; 08
First transmission date: 19-08-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: Frank Barrett; Tony Bates; Bob Bell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bill Prescott; Comprehensive changeover; Curriculum issues; Fictional school; Governors' meeting; Grace Morris; Helen Fairfield; Innovation; John Standing; Ken Rudge; Peter McPhail; Peter Werring; School system; Schools' Council Humanities Project; Teacher training
Footage description: Opening titles over stills of gymnasium scenes. Fade up discussion taking place at beginning of summer term at Hoyledale Comprehensive. Prescott, voice over, reminds students that the teachers appearing are all playing simulated roles. First item discussed with Headmaster John Pragg in the chair concerns house structure and pastoral care. Mr. Strong agitates for improvements in the present experimental system. A change of games policy, playing rugby instead of soccer as a result of loss of playing field space to allow extension of resource centre, causes heated exchanges between Graham Arch and Gerry Dixon, deputy head. Questions of status are raised; headmaster brings discussion back to organisational problems. First year inter-disciplinary courses are praised by Mrs. Jenkins and Graham Arch, who welcomes the opportunity for staff to broaden their approach. In view of impending increased mobility of local work, force through factory expansion, school governors have asked for limitations on innovations, lest pupils leaving feel lost on entering more 'conventional' schools. This idea is dismissed by staff. Some liasion with firms coming to the area is encouraged and McConachie, newly convalescent science department head, argues the case for curriculum broadening to assist integration of newcomers' children. McConachie goes on to report on the Schools Council Humanities Curriculum Project. While agreeing on its academic respectability, staff are still worried about insufficient time remaining for examination work. Head raises the question o f the neutral chairman, Dixon and Arch are sceptical; McConachie stresses that the idea is to train children to make their own decisions. Dixon questions the expenese of purchasing the £37 kit: headmaster admits he has already authorised this without consulting the staff. General discontent. Strong points out that using the kit instead of unstructured 6th form general studies helps teachers who are not sure how to teach effectively in this area. Briggs interrupts as he has to attend another meeting and wishes to raise the rugby question again. Head tries unsuccessfully to prevent him. Briggs suggests extra out of school time to widen, rather than narrow, the range of sports available. The discussion returns to the Humanities Project. McConachie stresses the pack is large and allows teachers plenty of freedom in approach. The course would be extended to other forms later possibly being used for CSE. Arch asks whether special arrangements for staff training would be made, and whether the implications for discipline have been thought through. McConachie says the project encourages social responsibility. Discussion faded out. Credits over more school gym shots.
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