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There are many theories about the causes of World War I. Early propaganda films featuring in this programme show early interpretations from different sides based on purely political factors. Then p...rofessor Marwick shows a series of clips from propaganda films which hint at the economic and military rivalry between the Great Powers., and finally he examines the film evidence which contributes to the 'Will to War' theory. He examines the pre war pictures of social unrest in one of the future belligerent powers - Britain - and asks how far one could argues that the war was simply a natural culmination of a wave of violence sweeping through European society. As a tailpiece the programme includes film of the setting of the actual occasion of the war - Serbia, and in particular the newsreel item which comes nearest to the actual assasination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
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Module code and title: A301, War and society
Item code: A301; 02
First transmission date: 14-02-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:23:26
Note: Some visual interference during opening sequences.
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Producer: Edward Hayward
Contributor: Arthur Marwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Armament factories; Assassinations; Documentary films; Edgar Cecil; Film evidence; King of Serbia; Lancelot Speed; Newsfilm; Propaganda films; World war
Footage description: Sequence from 'Britain's effort', drawings by Lancelot Speed. Arthur Marwick comments on the supposed causes of the war which are outlined in the sequence. Arthur Marwick introduces a sequence from the English Language version of 'Die Weltkrieg, made in Germany and giving alternative reasons for the outbreak of war in 1914.Shots of German agriculture and industry. Shots of Austrian soldiers marching, and ofRussian mobilization for war. Quotations from the German Official White Book are also shown. Shots of German and of French mobilization. Excerpt from filmed interview with Lord Cecil on international moves for peace. Arthur Marwick assessed the value of the above films for suggesting probable and tenable explanations for the origins of Worid War 1. He introduces a clip from a film on the Boer War; followed by a clip attacking free trade policies. These two clips take the form of sketches. A third clip also shows tariff reform again in the form of a propaganda sketch. Arthur Marwick introduces film sequence (1917) showing a man dreaming of the end of the war and of Germany's economic collapse. Arthur Marwick comments on possible economic causes of the war. Arthur Marwick introduces film showing the launching of 'Dreadnought', and of military manouvres on Salisbury Plain. Also shown are sequences using a plane as observation platform and of practice bombing. All film is of 1911 vintage. Also shown is the loading and firing of a torpedo and of German gunners firing field howitzers. Shots of Krupps armament factories, and of German soldiers at small arms practice. Arthur Marwick discusses the violence of the years preceding the outbreak of the war and introduces 1911 film of the following: 1. London factory girls on strike., 2. Police removing provisions from Kings Cross station., 3. Dock strike at Cardiff., 4. Havelock Wilson addressing dock workers at Cardiff., 5. London dockers on the march., 6. Jute mill strikes at Dundee., 7. Ulster Unionist gathering at Blenheim Palace., Shot of Andrew Bonar Law., 8. Troops in Dublin., 9. Ulster women volunteers, shot of Sir Edward Carson., 10. Warships at Belfast., 11. Ulster volunteers on watch., 12. Fire damage to church in London possibly the work of suffragettes., 13 Suffragette campaigns. Arthur Marwick introduces film of the coronation of the King of Serbia, Peter, in 1904, of the meeting of the Czar and Poincare and of Sarajevo immediately after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Arthur Marwick touches on possible other reasons for the outbreak of war and shows film of French troops leaving for the front.
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