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This programme uses newsreel and documentary film to illustrate the changes in British society arising partly as a result of the Second World War.
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Module code and title: A301, War and society
Item code: A301; 09
First transmission date: 30-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:24:11
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Producer: Nick Levinson
Contributor: Arthur Marwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bomb damage; Coventry; Film; Newsfilm; Propaganda films; V1 bombs; VE Day; World War II
Footage description: Arthur Marwick introduces the programme. His intention is to examine the new social conditions into which the war thrust the British people. Arthur Marwick introduces film shot on the outbreak of war. Prominent government ministers are shown assembling at Whitehall. Sequence showing crowds reacting to air raid warning and making for shelter. Sequence showing fire raids on London in December 1940. Arthur Marwick comments. Newsreel item on the bomb damage to Coventry; the King's visit is filmed. Original commentary. Arthur Marwick introduces a newsreel item on the destruction of London's East End. Original commentary. Shots of Sir Warren Fisher. Arthur Marwick comments on the preceding sequence. He then introduces film of interviews with bomb victims in London, the first only of which was shown in the cinemas. Arthur Marwick introduces a sequence from 'Ordinary people' an acted documentary, aiming to show an officially sanctioned view of the British people under stress. Arthur Marwick comments on the previous sequence and invites a comparison between it and the present sequence, a newsreel item of Sir Winston Churchill speaking in the Canadian parliament in December, 1941. Film of factory canteens and the work force is shown; original commentary. Arthur Marwick introduces film on the flying bomb threat of 1944; original commentary. The sequence shows the VI flying bomb and sample damage. Film of the V.E. Day celebrations in Britain. Shots in Whitehall featuring Churchill and at Buckingham Palace. Original commentary.
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Production number: 00521_3309
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