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The first part of the programme shows how a petroleum prospect on the landward edge of the North Sea Basin is drilled and evaluated and how cores from subsurface are analyzed for porosity, permeabi...lity and fluid content. The last part of the programme looks at the decision making process which precedes drilling operations off-shore. Here we see how geophysics can map out the shape of a diapiric salt structure and predict the disposition of ruptured Permian to Cretaceous strata over the salt body.
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Item code: S26-; 03; 1974
First transmission date: 02-03-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:22:24
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributors: Bill Galloway; Dennis Jackson; Bob MacPherson; Jim Sexton; Mel Harper; Andrew Sharpe; John Fuller; Geoff Bennett
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cores; Fluid content; Geophysical surveying; Permeability
Subject terms: North Sea--Environmental conditions; Petroleum engineering; Porosity
Footage description: Film shots of the North Sea in gale conditions. Shots of an oil rig in the North Sea. Shots of a test rig in Lincolnshire. Bill Galloway explains how the prospect was defined at this site. Shots of the rig working while he talks. Bob MacPherson and Dennis Jackson discuss some of the technical aspects of drilling, lubrication, etc. More shots of the rig in operation. Shots of rock samples from the drilling being prepared for analysis. Commentary explains what is being done. Shots of the samples being analysed. Shots of core samples. Commentary explains the advantage of having core samples. Shots of cores being analysed for gas content in a mercury pump. Shots of core samples being analysed for fluid content by distillation in a bomb. Commentary explains the process. Shots of core permeability being tested. Commentary explains the process. More shots of the drilling rig at work. Shot of a map of the North Sea with off-shore fields marked. Commentary gives a brief outline of the economics of off shore drilling. Shots of a meeting of top management of an oil company. They are examining the geophysical data which will allow them to make a decision on drilling at a certain location. Jim Sexton, Mel Harper, Andrew Sharpe, John Fuller, and Geoff Bennett each contribute to the discussion. Shots of an off shore oil rig.
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