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Transport across cell membranes examined. The sodium gradient hypothesis is put forward and ways in which its validity might be tested are suggested.
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Module code and title: S321, Physiology of cells and organisms
Item code: S321; 03
First transmission date: 10-03-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:16
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Producer: Roger Jones
Contributors: Vic Daniels; A A Eddy
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Amino acids; Gut tissues; Ion gradient hypothesis; Mammalian cells; Mouse tumour cells
Footage description: Daniels with a Singer model of cell membrane. He introduces the programme. Daniels with a mag. board model of a cell schematic showing K+ and Na+ concentrations. He postulates an ion pump in the cell which maintains the unequal distribution of ions (The sodium gradient hypothesis). A.A. Eddy with a large schematic mag. board model of cell membrane. He discusses the sodium gradient hypothesis further. Eddy postulates a carrier molecule which couples Na and amino acids in the transport process. Vic Daniels discusses the use of rat gut in cell membrane transport experiments. He demonstrates the preparation of gut for lab. examination. Daniels discusses some of the shortcomings of using gut tissue for cell transport studies. He uses a model of a section of gut tissue to aid. Daniels then explains how the tissue can be disrupted with enzymes to obtain single gut cells for study. A.A. Eddy with his mag. board model of cell membrane continues his discussion of the sodium gradient hypothesis. He suggests methods by which the validity of the hypothesis might be tested. Eddy explains why ascites tumour cells are suitable for experiment to test the hypothesis and tells how they may be obtained. Shots of ascites tumour cells under EM magnification. Eddy points out membrane and organelles. Eddy continues his discussion on the use of ascites cells for testing the Na gradient hypothesis. He uses graphs and tables of the experimental data to aid. Vic Daniels sums up.
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