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In this programme the details of fertilisation and implantation are illustrated in mammals, and how recent research into implantation indicates a possible alternative method of contraception.
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Module code and title: S321, Physiology of cells and organisms
Item code: S321; 08
First transmission date: 26-05-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:23:46
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Producer: Roger Jones
Contributors: Colin Finn; Richrd Holmes
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Acrosome reaction; Blastocyst; Capacitation; Mammalian egg; Mouse uterus; Sperm
Footage description: Richard Holmes introduces the programme. Film shots of mammal sperm: 1. Swimming freely; 2. Cutting through cumulus; 3. Inside ovum; 4. Disintigrating inside ovum. Richard Holmes briefly discusses sperm capacitation. He shows drawings of sperm movements before and after capacitation. A graph sums up the effect over a ten hour period. Shots of a series of electron micrographs of hamster sperm from commencement of acrosomal reaction to the penetration of the ovum. Commentary by Holmes explains what is happening at each stage. Time lapse shot of a blastocyst forming after fertilisation. Commentary by Holmes points out the blastocyst features. Colin Finn begins his discussion of the implantation process. He describes the process in humans. Finn takes a vaginal smear from a mouse to determine the stage of its oestral cycle. (Demonstration for students). Finn with a mouse which has been dissected to expose the reproductive tract. He points out the ovaries, the oviduct and the uterus. Shots of transverse section of the uterus, points out its features. Finn begins a discussion of implantation by listing the changes which take place during the process. These are 1. Mitosis; 2. Differentiation; 3. Regression. Shot Of uterus tissue section under light magnification. Several cells undergoing mitosis are seen. Graph shows the amount of cell division in lumen, glands and stroma during first 5 days of pregancy. Cell differentiation during implantation discussed by Finn. Several still shots of uterus tissue aid (Both light and EM minographs are shown). Finn discusses cell degeneration and removal during implantation. (Both light and EM micrographs used as aids). Finn continues the discussion of degeneration and removal during implantation. He gives two possible explanations for the mechanisms involved. Finn describes an experiment designed to test one of the hypotheses. An antibiotic 'actinomycin D is injected into mice before implantation Finn gives the results and shows a light micrograph to illustrate. Finn sums up the programme by discussing possible use of this research in the development of more effective birth control methods.
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