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Some of the key experiments which led to the development of the Bohr model of the atom are examined.
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Module code and title: SM351, Quantum theory and atomic structure
Item code: SM351; 01
First transmission date: 18-02-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:33
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Producer: Andrew Millington
Contributors: Alan Cooper; Russell Stannard
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bohr atomic model; Cavendish Laboratory Museum; Conceptual relationship of experiments; Historical perspective; Light and electron waves; Millikan; Quantum mechanics; Rutherford; Thompson
Footage description: Russell Stannard, with a model of the atom based on Bohr's model, introduces the programme. Alan Cooper in the Cavendish Museum, Cambridge. He shows and explains Thompson's apparatus for measuring the charge to mass ratio of negative particles in a gas. Russell Stannard gives the results (which are captioned) of the above experiment. He then introduces the concept of ions; Alan Cooper with the Rutherford apparatus for determining e/m for positive nuclei of atoms. He explains how the apparatus works and compares it with Thompson's apparatus. Russ Stannard gives the results (captioned) of the above experiment. Alan Cooper in the laboratory with a model of the Millikan apparatus for determining the charge of an electron. He explains how the experiment was done and captions the results. Russ Stannard, using printed captions, gives the values for charge and mass of electrons and ions. Stannard and Cooper look at a modern version of Rutherford's apparatus for determining the size of ions. Cooper explains how the apparatus works. Stannard gives the results of the experiment on a caption board. Stannard provides commentary for an animated film showing Rutherford's planetary analogy for a model of the atom. Stannard and Cooper examine Millikan's experiment which showed that atoms emit light at discrete wavelengths. The spectral lines are shown. Stannard uses animated diagrams to discuss Bohr's model of the atom. He goes on to point out some of the inconsistencies of the model. Alan Cooper briefly introduces the wave nature of electrons. Russ Stannard sums up.
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