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This first television programme starts with a short introduction to the course by the course team chairman Dr. Stuart Bennett. The remainder of the programme is an introduction to the case study on... the production of polyvinylchloride, PVC. This case study is to be used throughout the course to develop the student's understanding of the practical importance of physical chemistry, and to illustrate the inter-relationship of the various areas of physical chemistry. The programme considers four aspects of the industrial production of PVC: 1. Materials flow - A process flow chart is constructed to show the operational stages and the intermediates used in the manufacture of PVC from oil and salt. 2. Operations - The operational, stages in the process are classified as 'chemical modifications' or 'separations' where no change in the chemical nature of the process material occurs. 3. - The application of physical chemistry to industrial operation. The example of naphtha cracking is taken to show how the application of physical chemistry can be used to help meet one of the industrial criteria, that of producing the maximum rate of production of a desired product. 4. - Energy Flow. Energy is a vital ingredient in every chemical process. This is illustrated by the observation that in the production of several common plastics more oil (or its energy equivalent) is used to meet the energy demands of the process than is converted into plastic. Answering the question "Where does the energy go?", the PVC process is examined to identify stages which consume or produce energy.
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Module code and title: ST294, Principles of chemical processes
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First transmission date: 10-02-1975
Published: 1975
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Producer: Barrie Whatley
Contributors: Stuart Bennett; I. Boustead
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Chemical process; Energy flow; Materials flow; Naphtha cracking; Oil & salt; Operations; Physical chemistry; Process flow chart; PVC
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