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The programme examines the processes used at BP Chemicals, Baglan Bay, to produce ethylene by cracking naphtha.
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Module code and title: ST294, Principles of chemical processes
Item code: ST294; 07
First transmission date: 12-05-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:25:07
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Producer: Barrie Whatley
Contributor: Ian Boustead
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Baglan Bay; BP Chemicals; Cracking furnaces; Cracking Naphtha; Cracking process; Design; Ethylene; Materials flow; Operations; Recovery and use of waste heat
Footage description: Diagrams illustrate the process of production of ethylene from naphtha. Commentary by Boustead introduces the programme. Film shots of the BP Baglan Bay Plant, particularly the cracking furnaces. A simplified animated model of the plant is used to describe the process. Commentary by Boustead. The cracking and quenching processes are described. Film shots of the plant. The processes are shown again in flow chart form. Commentary by Boustead. Film shots of the pre-treatment compression machinery which liquifies the cracked gases prior to fractionation. Flow diagram shows the pre-treatment process again. Commentary by Boustead. Film shots of the fractionation process. Each step is explained by Boustead. Animated model and diagrams intersperse the film. The chemistry of the cracking process is examined with the aid of an animated diagram of the plant. Commentary by Boustead. The importance of Reaction temperature and time are discussed. Some of the practical problems of furnace design and operation are brought out with the aid of animated diagrams. More film shots of the plant. The heat recovery process and reasons for its use are discussed using animated diagrams and film shots of the plant as aids. Boustead sums up.
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