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The programme looks at the origin of genetics and reconstructs some of Mendel's crucial experiments. It goes on to look at novel ways of plant manipulation which avoid sexual hybridisation.
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Module code and title: S299, Genetics
Item code: S299; 01
First transmission date: 16-02-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:26
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Producer: Roger Jones
Contributors: Peter S. Carlson; Norman Cohen; Jonathan Hodge; Harold Smith
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Berkshire; Foundations; Linnean Society; Mendel; Natural selection; Parasexual genetics; Pea field; Science of genetics; Theory of cells; Theory of evolution
Footage description: Jonathan Hodge in the Linnean Society, London, introduces the programme. He sums up the state of knowledge of cell theory and of evolution in 1858 and explains why a link between these two disciplines, which was to be provided by Mendel, was crucial. Hodge goes on to give a very brief biographical sketch of Gregor Mendel and briefly sums up his experiments with plant hybrids. Still shots of Mendel. Norman Cohen, on an allotment with some pea slants, discusses Mendel's experiments with hybrid peas. He demonstrates how pea flowers are prepared for cross fertilisation so as to prevent self fertilisation. Cohen carries on with his discussion of Mendel's experiments. He looks at some F2 generation pea plants on the allotment. Cohen goes on to discuss more of Mendel's experiments, this time with different seed shape characteristics. Cohen shows the results of one of these experiments which had been duplicated on the allotments while the course was being produced. Cohen introduces the next sequence. Harold H. Smith, in a greenhouse at Brookhaven National Laboratory, shows several species of tobacco plants. He goes on to explain how tobacco plants can be hybridised by parasexual means. Smith demonstrates his techniques for producing parasexual tobacco hybrids. Peter Carlson discusses the implications of parasexual hybridisation of plants for agriculture.
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