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Reception and rejection of chemical models in the 19th century against a background of belief and disbelief in the concepts of atomist, valency and stereochemistry.
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Module code and title: S304, The nature of chemistry
Item code: S304; 02
First transmission date: 1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributor: Colin Russell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Atomics; Dalton; Glyptic models; Stereochemistry; Valency
Footage description: Footage - Chemical model of myoglobin (0'12"-2'24") - Birthplace of John Dalton, Eaglesfield (2'37"-3'21") - Glass globe (6'39"-7'49") - Diagrams of water vapour, oxygen, nitrogen and carnbon dioxide (7'50"-8'44") - First models created to illustrate chemical atomic theory (8'53"-9'22") - Close-packed hexagonal structure (9'35"-10'08") - Dalton's diagrams of molecules (10'23"-10'46") - Graphic of hexaco-ordinate cobalt complexes, PCl5 & CH4 (10'47"-11'01") - Berzelius' formula for alum. Dalton formula for alum, ethanol (12'10"-13'02") - Portrait of Sir Humphrey Davy. Picture of Royal Institution. Portrait of John Dalton. Picture of interior of Royal Institution. Portrait of A.W. Hofmann. Picture of molecular models (13'21"-14'24") - Hofmann's models of molecules of perchloric acid & ethylene (14'40"-16'12") - Box of glyptic models (16'48"-16'59") - Picture of James Dewar. Portrait of Crum Brown. Drawing of olefiant gas molecule (17'45"-18'02"). Models of benzene. Kekule model. Hypothetical Dewar structure (18'12"-19'34") - Model of benzene (20'45"-21'10") - Portrait of Kekule. Portrait of van't Hoff. Van't Hoff cartoon. Drawing of tetrahedrons. Graphic of molecular models (22'26"-23'28") - Van't Hoff's original tetrahedral models and enlarged replicas (23'29"-24'12").
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