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The programme examines two properties of the eye - resolution and sensitivity to colour bands. It then goes on to take the student through the home experiment kit with particular emphasis on the ca...mera and film development.
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Module code and title: ST291, Images and information
Item code: ST291; 01; 1977
First transmission date: 24-02-1977
Published: 1977
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Duration: 00:23:54
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Producer: Andrew Millington
Contributors: Barrie Jones; Alan Walton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Camera; Colour vision; Film developing; Grating; Home experiment kit; Resolution; Sinusoidal; Spectra
Footage description: Barrie Jones introduces the programme. Alan Walton introduces the first experiment which will test the degree of resolution of the human eye. He points out the apparatus which will be used and explains how it works. Walton performs the experiment with Rosemary (no surname given) as the subject. She looks at projected gratings which vary in contrast as well as period. The experiment is not performed under controlled laboratory conditions. Using a graph of data from a similar experiment done under laboratory conditions, Walton analyses the results. Barrie Jones briefly introduces the next experiment. Alan Walton (mostly v/o experimental apparatus) explains the details of this experiment which is designed to introduce time variations to the visual field. A human subject is wired with several electrodes and asked to identify a moving lorry on a simulated landscape as soon as she sees it. Data from the electrodes is plotted on an oscilloscope screen. Walton analyses the data. Barrie Jones uses several graphs as aids in a discussion on the eye's sensitivity to colour. He explains why the brain can receive identical colour signals from the eye for two different colours. Keith Hodgkinson, with the items of the course home experiment kit in front of him, gives some safety tips for using the laser and then briefly points out some of the other items in the kit. Hodgkinson goes on to demonstrate how the home kit camera is loaded and used. He takes several random photographs in the studio. Hodgkinson next demonstrates how the film is developed. He uses equipment from the home experiment kit to do this.
Master spool number: 6HT/72401
Production number: 00525_1241
Videofinder number: 2111
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