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With the discovery of oil and gas under the North Sea the major oil comapnies are investing enormous amounts of capital in the search for and the production of oil and gas. As a consequence the Sea is now punctuated by exploration and production rigs and associated technological paraphemalia. This programme considers the origin of oil and how it is located using exploration rigs. Once found a variety of structures such as production platforms or jackets, are used to extract the oil continuously and feed it, eventually by pipeline to the mainland. This variety of production methods is described and contrasted. Throughout, the programme describes aspects of oil exploration and production which relate to resource exploitation, such as financial investment and the need to ensure reserves for the future. This is because despite a need for more and more oil there is actually a decline in exploration. To help rectify this Government must provide the necessary incentives through favourable regulations and taxation.
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Item code: S26-; 03; 1979
First transmission date: 02-04-1979
Published: 1979
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Producer: Roger Jones
Contributors: Geoff Bennett; Mel Harper; Jim Sexton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Production platform; Semi-submersible rig
Subject terms: Natural resources; Oil fields--North Sea
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Production number: 00525_1379
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