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Derek Corcoran introduces the programme, he introduces Donald Broadbent. Donald Broadbent begins to discuss some of his work in the study of memory. Broadbent explains and performs a memory experi...ment. A subject is first shown Russian and corresponding English letters on cards. He is then shown the Russian letters alone and asked to remember their English equivalent. Broadbent briefly sums up the results. He then shows a graph which indicate the results of many similar experiments. Broadbent introduces an experiment for testing short term memory. Broadbent explains and performs an experiment for testing short term memory. Subject looks into an apparatus which flashes a series of letters at him. Subject is then asked to recall as many of the letters or sets of letters as he can. Broadbent shows a graph which summarises the results of this experiment for several subjects. Film sequence of part of an experiment at the Psychology Laboratory in Cambridge. An "event' is staged during a lecture and students are afterwards asked what they saw. Broadbent briefly summarises. Broadbent introduces an experiment which measures differences in 'forgetting' in long term and short term memory. Broadbent explains and performs the experiment. The subject is read a list of letters which he writes down. He must then recall them without looking. Broadbent shows a graph which indicates results for several people in this experiment. He then describes other similar experiments which can be done. He shows graphs of results of these experiments in short and long term memory. Broadbent with a schematic diagram showing the way a stimulus affects primary and secondary memory. His commentary explains. Broadbent next performs an experiment in which he shows a subject a series of playing cards. He stops somewhere and asks the subject to recall the last 3 cards. Broadbent repeats the experiment this time shooting a starter's pistol as he asks the subject to recall the cards.
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Module code and title: SDT286, Biological bases of behaviour
Item code: SDT286; 13
First transmission date: 06-07-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:07
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Producer: Vic Lockwood
Contributors: Donald Broadbent; Derek Corcoran
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Experiments; Forgetting; Memory; Primary/secondary memory; Short term memory
Master spool number: 6LT/70318
Production number: 00525_2043
Videofinder number: 2098
Available to public: no