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By using extracts from subsequent programmes in the series this programme discusses some of the major themes of the Sociological Perspective course. It also serves to introduce four members of the ...course team. The Chairman, Jeremy Tunstall, Dr Kenneth Thompson, Dr Graeme Salaman and David Boswell.
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Module code and title: D283, The sociological perspective
Item code: D283; 01
First transmission date: 22-01-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:22:22
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Producer: Ken Patton
Contributors: David Boswell; Graeme Salaman; Kenneth Thompson; Jeremy Tunstall
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Sociology
Footage description: Tunstall introduces the programme. He explains its general purpose; mainly to try to show how the course as a whole is linked together Boswell introduces two clips from a film used as the basis for later T.V. Units and a block. These show Seymour looking for a key to get back into his room after serving a jail sentence. Boswell explains why the film is being used, what students are supposed to be looking for, namely social and personal interaction. This is the main feature of block 2 of the Unit, outlined by Boswell. Tunstall then asks Salaman to explain the relevance of the blocks on stratification and class. Salaman outlines the themes of the block, what the student is looking for and how he may apply it. He mentions some of the problems involved in delineating class structure, class consciousness etc. Tunstall asks Thompson why the blocks on religion have been included in the course. Thompson outlines the relevance of groups and their religious beliefs, as this often binds disparate classes together. A clip from a later T.V. programme is used, showing a meeting or a Pentecostalist Church in London. Thompson explains the inclusion of the film and what aspects of religious beliefs will be examined in later course units. There is a more general discussion on religion, whether it is declining etc., turning to sectarianism. Tunstall goes back over what the others have said, explaining how the course is structured in line with what they have said. He goes through the course block by block, showing how the main themes outlined at the beginning of the course are explored. Whilst he is speaking there are shots of the cover illustrations of the blocks he is discussing.
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