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This colour film is the last of the three personalised case-studies for the Topics block of the course. Colin Prescod, Lecturer in Sociology at the Polytechnic of North London came to Britain from... the West Indies in 1958 at the height of the Notting Hill race riots in London. He describes his experiences as a black immigrant and his subsequent career in this country. Speaking both personally and as a professional sociologist, Prescod tells what it is like to be black in Britain.
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Module code and title: D101, Making sense of society
Item code: D101; 03
First transmission date: 24-02-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:24:17
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: Colin Sarre; Philip Sarre
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Black immigrants; Notting Hill race riots; Race issues; Sociology
Footage description: Prescod runs briefly through his life history as an introduction. Sarre asks him how things have changed since the race riots of 1958. Prescod expands on this, concentrating on what he terms 'life on the street'. He also looks at how the sociological implications of acts of violence are not allowed for by the institutions. When asked about institutional improvements for blacks, Prescod says that it depends on class, and ability, through education, to manipulate the social world. Speaking as a professional sociologist, Prescod examines the current host/immigrant model of race relations. He examines the differences between black immigration to Britain and other immigrant communities in Europe. He also details why he feels the current model is inadequate. Finally Prescod examines why he is not representative of the black community. Credits.
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