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One of Guernsey's main problems is supporting an increasing population on relatively fixed and scarce amounts of land and water. This programme examines some of the inter-relationships between land... and water. And also looks at some of the methods adopted for augmenting water and land supplies (e.g. desalination and reclamation) and for reducing demand (e.g. a strict immigration policy to control population).
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Module code and title: D101, Making sense of society
Item code: D101; 05
First transmission date: 13-03-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Nigel Houghton
Contributors: Walter Burns; Tom Hurst; Clifford Palmer; Philip Sarre; Cecil de Saurmarez
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Climatic advantage; Distribution; Exports; Government support; Marketing; Modern growing techniques; Population pressure; Tomato industry
Footage description: Sarre by side of reservoir introduces the problem of scarce water/land resources. Shots of Braye du Valle and St. Sampsons areas of reclamation. Hurst describes the changing water demand on the island. Various graphs show consumption. Sarre asks how the demands can be met. Hurst discusses the abandonment of their desalination plant. Shots of the plant both outside and inside. Maps of water catchments and supply lines. Hurst looks at how they might meet future demand - via surface, underground or sea water. The effects on amenities are hinted at. Over aerial views of housing, Sarre introduces the housing problem. He interviews Palmer of the States Housing Authority. Palmer discusses special provisions, effects on cost, ways of controlling speculation etc. Shots of houses, and derelict land for development. New land supply through reclamation is investigated, concentrating on the North Beach scheme. Burns explains what this is. Shots of area. Sarre interviews De Sausmarez of the Island development Committee on the general problems of development of the island. De Sausmarez lists the major principles in judging plans for changes in land use. He also discusses the argument for large units, which he feels may not be right for Guernsey. Credits.
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