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Dartington Hall School is a 'progressive' school in Devon. It is run on democratic lines and there are few rules or official punishments. The fees are high, and most children come from intellectual..., middle-class backgrounds. In 1969, Royston Lambert, an academic sociologist, was appointed headmaster and had plans for extending the relevance of the progressive style of education. One of the most ambitious of those was an exchange scheme between Dartington and Northcliffe Community High School in the mining town of Conisbrough in Yorkshire. Pupils from Northcliffe come to Dartington for varying lengths of time, sometimes spending as long as two years in the Sixth Form. This programme, filmed at Dartington, focuses on the problem of socialisation and social order. What are the constraints on behaviour in a seemingly free school? How are the values enforced and what about those who do not conform? How do children from a different background think the system works and what are the consequences for them of this form of education? There are interviews with teachers and pupils and film of some of the school activities.
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Module code and title: D101, Making sense of society
Item code: D101; 19
First transmission date: 19-06-1975
Published: 1975
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Producer: Clare Falkner
Contributors: Peter Hamilton; John Wightwich
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Behavioural constraints; Dartington Hall School Devon; Exchange scheme; Northcliffe Community High School; Progressive schooling; Punishment; Royston Lambert; School activities; Social order; Socialisation
Footage description: Shots of school. Wightwick outlines the history and ethos of Dartington briefly. A group of pupils say why they like Dartington. Hamilton introduces the Northcliffe school project and the differences in the two kinds of pupil. More comments from the 'middle class' kids on the school. The democratic community aspect is stressed. A group from Conisbrough discuss their attitude to the school. Wightwick discusses the absence of rules. Shots of school at dinnner. A group of girls from Northcliffe look at social relationships and how to get a 'reputation'. A meeting of the school senate is shown discussing an issue over money for charity. Clip from a class in the music room. The Conisbrough pupils discuss the effects they have on Dartington, personal relationships and the jobs they would like. Cabot looks at what the pupils tend to do after school. A 'middle-class' group of pupils discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of the school. Sequence of students in pop group at school dance. Credits.
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