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This programme looks at housing statistics and relates them to the housing programme in one London Borough, Haringey. The purpose of the programme is to demonstrate that even though statistics can to identify a particular problem, the correcting of that problem can be difficult and involves all sorts of factors not related to statistics. The statistics examined are those that combine the distribution of houses and households. The effect of this analysis is the identifying of areas of overcrowding and those of under-occupation. The programme looks at two areas in Haringey, one that is overcrowded and one, under-occupied. Two families are interviewed in each category. Policy solutions to this are then examined, above all the feasibility of building smaller types of dwellings. The pros and cons of this are commented on by David Frith, Borough Planning Officer, Peter Grier, a past officer of Haringey and Chris Holmes, Deputy Director of Shelter. The difficulty of using statistics to predict a housing pattern for the future is also briefly referred to by a number of people including a group choosing to live in conditions of multi-occupation.
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Module code and title: D291, Statistical sources
Item code: D291; 02
First transmission date: 23-03-1975
Published: 1975
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Producer: Francis Sealey
Contributors: Robert Peacock; David Frith; Peter Grier; Chris Holmes; Denis Turner; Marion Turner; Chris Ferns; Anthony Wright; Jeanette Mitchell; Michael Radford; Sylvia Page; Jo Cahill; Eileen Kent
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Housing; Statistics
Footage description: Peacock introduces the programme. Holmes outlines some of the general problems concerning housing. Shots of Haringey. Frith and Holmes outline the statistical relevance of under- and over- occupation. A former Haringey employee, Peter Grier, discusses his quarrel with Haringey housing policies. The Kent family flat is looked at and their overcrowding problem is discussed. Various residents expand on the running down of the area and the council's attitude. Frith answers for the council. Shots of housing in Haringey. General points on the problems of small unit accommodation, under-and over-crowding etc. The Turners discuss their attitude to the largish house they occupy. The problem of providing smaller unit housing is examined. Some examples of refused small unit development are given. Holmes, Grier and Frith look at the problems of providing smaller unit accommodation, the statistics and social assumptions on which housing policies in this area are based etc. Varying opinions are expressed, even as to the interpretation of the figures. The final sequence deals with multi-occupation of a single unit via a Muswell Road Commune. Various members of the commune give their opinion on general housing problems. Peacock and Holmes sum up on the problems for local housing authority policies. Credits.
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