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This programme is a case-study filmed in Rotterdam. It is an analysis of the factors responsible for the enormous expansion in oil refining in Western Europe since the war. It outlines the geograph...ical separation of the areas which produce the oil and those which consume it, and explains how economic, social and political factors all contribute decisions as to where refineries are built. The programme is presented by Andrew Blowers, Lecturer in Geography, who discusses a variety of crucial locational factors with Professor Peter Odell, Professor of Economic Geography at the Netherlands School of Economics in Rotterdam. Professor Odell is the leading expert in the field of the geography of oil. The huge Rotterdam/Europoort complex is the example used in explaining the development of vast refining agglomerations.
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Module code and title: D281, New trends in geography
Item code: D281; 04; 1975
First transmission date: 25-05-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: Andrew Blowers; Peter Odell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Geography
Footage description: Andy Blowers introduces the programme; it will consider the growth and the location of oil refining in Western Europe. A map is shown indicating the geographical separation between oil producers and oil consumers. Blowers reviews previous oil refining capacity and shows a graph which indicates the growth in Western Europe's refining capacity since 1950. Andy Blowers gives reasons for the changes shown in the preceding sequence and describes briefly the refining complex at Rotterdam, Aerial view of the latter and its port facilities. Also film on ground level. Andy Blowers introduces Peter Odell. The former reviews briefly the nature of various oil markets, the reasons for the development in Western Europe of a large refining capacity and the pressures that brought about the change. Shots of Rotterdam harbour from the water. Diagrams show the different patterns of demand shown by U.S.A. and Japan, to which the European demand pattern is added. A map (animated) shows the growth in the location of oil refineries in Western Europe. Professor Odell gives the reasons for the development of large refineries such as that at Rotterdam. Shots of tankers. Andy Blowers introduces the subject of oil transport and the effect that oil transport by sea has upon location of refineries. Professor Odell contributes to the point. Over shots of oil refinery installations, Andy Blowers and Professor Odell turn to the question of transportation of oil by pipe line and the effect that the development of such modes of transport would have on the location of oil refineries in Europe. A map is shown on which animations indicate possible European producer country pipe lines. A map of Europe showing existing pipe line links in Europe for the transport of oil products. Shots of oil refinery. Andy Blowers and Professor Odell consider the economic factors that have affected location of refineries. Andy Blowers and Professor Odell move on to consider the political factors which have been instrumental in the decision to locate refineries in Europe. Political forces within both producing and consuming countries are considered. Blowers and Odell now consider the extent to which national governments and local authorities within Europe have impinged upon location decisions. Aerial view of Rotterdam. Shots of land reclamation and of channel dredging. Blowers and Odell discuss the level of pollution arising from concentration and touch upon the effects that pollutant control are now having upon the location of petrochemical and oil refining industries. Blowers asks Odell what he thinks will be the future development in the European-based refinery industry. Odell isolates two possible developments and examines them. Shots of harbour of Rotterdam in the background and of refinery. Andy Blowers closes the programme linking the case-study to industry as a whole. Credits.
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