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This programme examines housing policy in the London Borough of Camden. The main focus of the discussion is whether political intervention can contribute towards a reduction of inequality in housin...g. Camden was chosen as an example as it illustrates many of the problems faced by inner city areas and it also has a very high level of housing expenditure. The programme is divided into sections. It begins by looking at some statistics of housing inequality in Camden and deals with the definition and cause of the problem of privately rented accommodation, land costs and interest payments, inner and outer London, and finally, with problems of allocation in the public sector. The speakers are all involved either in local politics or research, among them are two local MPs, Geoffrey Finsberg (Conservative. Hampstead) and Jock Stallard (Labour, St. Pancras North). Also speaking are Camden's Housing Manager, William Barnes and John Mills, Chairman of the Housing Committee and a member of the Government's Committee on Housing Finance.
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Module code and title: D302, Patterns of inequality
Item code: D302; 05
First transmission date: 27-04-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:49:30
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Producer: Claire Falkner
Contributors: Chris Hamnett; Ruth Glass; Clare Ungerson; William Barnes; John Mills; Geoffrey Finsberg; Nick Wates; Jock Stallard; Alan Greengross
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Housing; Inequality; Inner city
Footage description: Hamnett introduces the programme which uses Camden as an example of policy over housing. He briefly gives some information on the area, the growth in population and statistics on household amenities. Glass looks in general at housing in Camden, concentrating on social mixture, shortage of dwellings, social mobility etc. Ungerson begins by investigating the problem of housing standards in relation to the actual stock. Barnes, Director of Housing in Camden, emphasises the problems of standards and supply and demand. Greengross, a local councillor, outlines some of the problems he sees. Both Ungerson and Barnes outline general and specific factors such as shortages and standards which they see as major problems. Difficulties over privately rented accommodation are discussed by Ungerson. Finsberg, the local MP, describes the improvements he would like to see in the area of private renting. Barnes and Mills, Chairman of Camden Housing Committee look at the local council's involvement in the owner occupied sector. The difficulties created by high land costs in Inner London are looked at by Barnes, Mills, Finsberg and Greengross. They also outline measures such as nationalisation or betterment levies which might help. Wates, a squatters' leader, looks at the enormous profits to be made from land. The problems caused by local authorities borrowing money at high interest rates are analysed by Barnes, Finsberg and Stallard, another local MP. Difficulties over population density and how far Outer London boroughs can and do help Inner London boroughs are discussed. The lack of housing sites, the effects of redevelopment on the social structure of Camden and the need for an overall housing strategy in London are also discussed. Finally, the question of allocation, of assessing housing need and how far Camden Council has the freedom it would like to implement its policies are described. Finsberg and Mills comment differently on the equity side of housing comparing council tenants and owner-occupiers. Credits.
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