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This programme examines the cost of a proposed relief road through a residential area of Bedford, against the general benefit to the community at large. To build this road, over one hundred houses ...were demolished in the residential area of Queens Park, thus, according to residents, destroying the integrated nature of the community and necessitating rehousing for many people. The scheme was originally planned by Bedford Borough Council to relieve congestion in the centre of the city. On 1st April 1974, however, authority for transport in the Bedford area passed to the newly constituted county council which decided to review entirely the transport needs of Bedford. The proposed relief road was halted, even though demolition of many houses had already taken place and the Queens Park area had suffered considerably as a result. Political interests are represented in this programme by virtue of the fact that the Borough Council was a Conservative dominated body, whilst the new County Council obtained a Labour majority. Questions are raised in the programme about the extent to which local groups are able to register disapproval of a scheme such as this, and the extent to which the matter became a battle of political ideologies at the expense of the inhabitants of Queens Park. Taking part in the programme are local councillors from both the old borough council and the new county council, local residents of Queens Park, local planners and a journalist.
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Module code and title: D302, Patterns of inequality
Item code: D302; 06
First transmission date: 11-05-1976
Published: 1976
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Producer: Roger Penfound
Contributors: Graham Bates; Andy Blowers; Frank Branston; Graham Brown; Frederick Dawks; Wynne Fowler; Jane George; Roger Penfound; Colin Saunders; Ron Sharman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bedford; Inequality; Planning; Roads
Footage description: Over shots of Queens Park, Penfound outlines the problems over the proposed new road, and what the programme will investigate. Local Labour and Conservative councillors discuss some of the issues raised over the road, its history, its effects etc. Bates, one-time Chairman of the borough council, also outlines the history of the road and why it was needed. Blowers explains the growth in opposition to the road from 1972. Local residents in a pub say how they felt about the original proposal. Bates comments on local involvement, the chances they had to alter the plans etc. The effects of local government reorganisation in 1974 are described. This included a new transport review. Dawks the Borough planner comments on the original road route. Local journalist Branston describes the Borough council's attitudes. The new County Council's transportation review is outlined. Blowers and Dawks look at political and planning aspects of this new review. Bates and Blowers finally comment on their different stance on transport policies. Credits.
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