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The programme begins by considering the problem of waste disposal in Toronto, the traditional technique being landfill at sites such as Beare Road on the north-eastern side of the city. However lan...dfill is not the ultimate answer and the future lies in two directions - to reduce the amount of waste and to recycle the rest. In an interview with JoAnn Opperman of Pollution Probe (University of Toronto), the current tendency to over package retail goods is explored, and the future potential of recycling is examined in a discussion with Wesley Williamson, director of Toronto's experimental waste recycling project. In the final section of the programme, the energy needs of cities like Toronto are dealt with.
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Module code and title: D204, Fundamentals of human geography
Item code: D204; 06
First transmission date: 13-05-1977
Published: 1977
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: John Blunden; George Kerr; JoAnn Opperman; Wesley Williamson; Roger Higgin; Sean Casey; Bill Chadwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ecosystems; Geography; Pollution; Toronto; Waste disposal; Recycling
Footage description: Toronto, crowds, waste bins, the Beare Road Waste tip. George Kerr, Ontario Minister of Environment, explains that it is difficult to find sites for sanitary landfill. Toxic waste at Beare Road tip. George Kerr argues that people will dispose of toxic waste illegally if the cost of doing it properly becomes too great. Graphics showing causes of waste. Anti-garbage commercial made by Pollution Probe. JoAnn Opperman criticises the amount of packaging used in society, and argues that politically, conservation is not popular because of the vested interests of business. Anti-garbage advert, JoAnn Opperman describes the success of the returnable bottle campaign. Shoppers in supermarket. Opperman says there are three ways of preventing waste, reduction, re-use, and recycling. View of Ontario recycling plant. Wesley Williamson of the Ministry of the Environment discusses the economics of the plant and the products which will be produced. New markets will have to be developed for the products. Beare Road Tip. Roger Higgin from the Ministry of Energy describes how energy could be recycled from waste. Williamson argues that the plant will produce a viable energy source. Stills of Toronto at night. A fairground. Sean Casey from Energy Probe discusses the energy consumption of tower blocks. Views of Hydro Place. Bill Chadwick, engineer, explains the benefits of Hydro Place. Shots of Hydro Place are shown during his comments. High-rise buildings. Sean Casey argues for building controls on tall buildings and for better planning. Sequence from
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