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Block 2 of this course is concerned with spatial analysis and this programme is designed to provide a humorous introduction to the geometric concepts (points, lines and areas) discussed in the bloc...k. These ideas are examined in some detail in the context of Hyde Park. Here the innocent pleasures of speaking, riding, swimming, boating and the physical layout of the Park are subject to the detailed scrutiny of one spatial analyst, Philip Sarre, Lecturer in Geography at the Open University, with the assistance of a former student of Geography, now humorist and script writer, Ian Davidson. Although the programme takes a slightly wry look at spatial analysis, it has the serious intent of reinforcing in a simple way some fairly complex spatial ideas.
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Module code and title: D204, Fundamentals of human geography
Item code: D204; 07
First transmission date: 22-12-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Nigel Houghton
Contributors: Ian Davidson; Philip Sarre
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Human geography; Hyde Park; Spatial analysis
Footage description: Ian Davidson and Philip Sarre, the two presenters of the programme, speaking at Speakers Corner. Graphics showing the patterns adopted by the listeners. Further shots of Davidson and Sarre. Maps of Hyde Park, then maps showing concepts of points lines and areas. Ian Davidson walking through the park and talking to the camera. People in Hyde Park, sitting by the Serpentine Lido. Ian Davidson asks why they are sitting where they are. Maps of positions of sunbathers at the Lido. Ian Davidson measures the distances between people. Maps showing distribution of bathers at the Lido. View of the park. Ian Davidson to camera. Map of the park, Ian Davidson walking through park talking about the paths. View of the park, horses on Rotten Row, subway entrance, railings. Tradesmen from Bayswater road arts market describe which areas make the best pitches. Ian Davison talks to camera. Shots of swimmer and an American softball game; one player explains why they play in a specific area. Shots of children's playground, Speakers' Corner, Ian Davidson reading the Park regulations. Philip Sarre to camera, summing up. Sarre and Davidson walking through the park. Credits.
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Production number: 00525_2322
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