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Inthis programme Graham Martin examines the theme of the writer in exile during the early part of the twentieth century - and takes as an example the Irish writer James Joyce. The programme looks a...t Dublin through contemporary photographs from the National Library of Ireland. through a series of dramatised readings from Joyce's letters, poems and novels, we see the reasons that led Joyce to leave Ireland. A specially shot sequence of stills portrays Joyce's life in Trieste.
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Module code and title: A302, The nineteenth century novel and its legacy
Item code: A302; 16
First transmission date: 03-10-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:22:49
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Producer: Paul Kafno
Contributors: Denys Hawthorne; Graham Martin
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Dublin; James Joyce
Footage description: Dates of Conrad, Lawrence and Joyce are shown, without commentary. Graham Martin introduces the programme. Portraits of James Joyce shown - Graham Martin describes Joyce's life in Dublin up to his departure. Shots of the schools to which Joyce was sent, of Joyce as a young boy and as a university student. Quotations from 'Stephen D' describe his emotional and intellectual state at this point in time. Graham Martin analyses Joyce's social criticism. Quotations are made from Joyce in support of the judgements of Graham Martin. Graham Martin considers the influence of Dublin on Joyce. Shots of Dublin of the latter part of the 19th century and early 20th century. A recording of Joyce's brother Stanislaus gives reasons for Joyce's departure from Ireland. His life in Trieste is described by quotations from his letters. Shots of Denys Hawthorne (playing Joyce) in Trieste. The difficulties of life in Trieste are described. Graham Martin discusses Joyce's commitment to his art; this is supported by the recording of Stanislaus Joyce from which further quotations are made. Graham Martin widens his discussion of Joyce to the point where he attempts to identify the characteristics of the 20th century novelist that set him apart from those of the nineteenth century. Graham Martin reviews the course chronologically Now let's go back in an attempt to identify the point at which the nineteenth century yields to the 20th in the attitude of its novelists. He then goes on to consider the essential characteristics of the twentieth century novelists considered in the course.
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