Professor Vesey introduces a discussion between Professor Richard Hare and Dr. Anthony Kenny on the nature of moral reasoning. Dr. Kenny attacks the definition of moral values as both universal and... prescriptive as inadequate, and argues that Hare's description of value gives more information about himself than about the nature of the world.
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Module code and title: A303, Problems of philosophy
Item code: A303; 05
First transmission date: 02-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: Patricia Hodgson
Contributors: Richard Hare; Anthony Kenny; Godfrey Norman Agmondisham Vesey
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Freedom; Reason; Morals
Footage description: Godfrey Vesey introduces the programme and describes the modern concern of moral philosophers with language. Kenny asks Hare to define his position. Hare does so, describing himself as a prescriptive and summarising very briefly the main themes his book 'The language of morals'. Kenny, using a table, repeats what he believes to be Hare's position and then proceeds to question Hare as to whether his (Hare's) characterization of moral statements is totally fair or complete. Kenny poses the question that to talk of morality in the formal semantic way that Hare suggests poses the problem of the point of discussing morality. Hare replies. Kenny continues by explaining the difference between prescriptivist and descriptivist, and those between absolutist and consequentialist moralities. He then asks Hare to define his position more fully. Hare replies. Kenny comes back to the question of moral beliefs and asks if Hare's moral statements are in effect anything more than reflections of Hare rather than universal statements.
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