Stephen Korner and Renford Bambrough discuss the traditional problem of universals and Wittgenstein's contribution, in his later philosophy, towards solving the problem.
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Module code and title: A303, Problems of philosophy
Item code: A303; 11
First transmission date: 26-09-1973
Published: 1973
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Producer: Mary Hoskins
Contributors: Renford Bambrough; Stephen Korner; Godfrey Norman Agmondisham Vesey
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Language; Philosophy
Footage description: Godfrey Vesey explains the philosophical problem of universals and introduces the two contributors who will discuss the matter. Vesey reads a passage from Wittgenstein's Blue Book dealing with the concept of 'having something in common'. Bambrough outlines why he thinks that Wittgenstein threw light on the problem of universals. Korner outlines his objections to Wittgensteins ideas on this matter. Vesey asks Korner to expand those parts of Wittgenstein's analysis of family ressemblance concepts which Korner considers incomplete. Korner does so, using as his argument the existence of borderline cases in some arrays of objects, their absence in others. He introduces the theory of continuous connection. Vesey asks Bambrough whether the latter has to disagree with Korner's proposition. Bambrough makes his reservations, Korner replying. The concept of 'having something in common' is discussed, Korner taking the view that it is not a particularly meaningful phrase, Bambrough an opposing viewpoint. An example is used (i.e.books). Korner replies to Bambrough's demonstration of the concept 'having something in common' Bambrough and Korner reach agreement. The discussion now turns on the use in different senses of the concept 'have something in common' and on the need for justification before using a particular word descriptive of many forms of object e.g. game. Bambrough explains a passage in Wittgenstein which urges the need for appropriate methods of thought to be applied to a particular problem, and touches upon the problem of justification. Vesey closes the discussion.
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